Violet Salad
Violet Salad - photo by Rachel Andrews

In addition to calming the mind, clearing life clutter, and tracking clues in order to develop your intuition, clearing and calming the body is important. If you are eating too much food or hard to digest food, you will have a hard time hearing your inner voice.

Your intuition can be felt in the body. If you think about getting a big bear hug from the one you love, and scan your midsection for a little tingle, you will feel the sensation that your intuition broadcasts. If you then think of a time you were hurt deeply, and feel around in your body, that is also a ‘voice’ of your intuition. The body and mind are connected with all of your other energy systems to form a cohesive, intelligent unit.

If your body and mind are calm, you will be able to feel your intuition much more easily. But if your body is bloated, full, or in any number of other states of discomfort, it will be harder to feel. Feeding your body what it actually needs will calm it down and restore homeostasis to a very hard working system.

Digestion takes up more energy than any other body process. If you lessen the burden by eating simple and nutritious foods, you will have more energy. That is what we want when developing intuition and following a path aligned with inner purpose.

Eating simple meals also serves to clear out old baggage.  Your fat cells can trap toxins, like medications you once took or are taking, and a host of other environmental toxins.  The cleaner your inner systems are, the clearer your thoughts will be.  It all works together.

With these things in mind, I will share easy and beautiful recipes with you that are simple to prepare and digest. These recipes will also facilitate inner cleansing. By doing nothing more than incorporating a few of these recipes into your weekly rotation, you can gradually clean our your body and feel more energized and clear headed.