All of our Circumstances Spring from Within Us

Lily Pad

You get to choose what shows up in your life. Whether your life is filled with problems or is abundant with love, is up to you.

You are a divine being who is connected to the entire universal life force, also known as God. If you allow yourself to align with that energy, like a flower basking in the sun attracting butterflies, you will effortlessly attract beneficial circumstances. This is done by following your intuition, by guiding yourself toward what gives you joy.

Also, like a flower who soaks in the nutrients of the earth, when you rely on the resources available to you in life, you will grow healthy and avoid attracting physical diseases and life draining circumstances.

Root Cause Illustration

Root Cause Illustration. By Rachel Andrews

The problems we see in our lives spring up due to our connection being forgotten about. In essence, we shade ourselves from the light of the universe. We will start to wilt and attract bugs who will feast on our leaves, or our energy, because we are left vulnerable.

When we feed ourselves poorly, give in to stress, drama and trauma, our roots will weaken. We will be defenseless to bugs who eat us up and drain our energy.

Our petals and leaves will wilt and we will feel drained and tired. Our growth will decline and we will stay stagnant in our life’s circumstances. We will feel trapped in a cycle of bad luck and hopelessness.

Picture the flower as yourself, align your petals with the divine energy of God, feed yourself well, and your blossom will attract what will best serve you. A happy and abundant life will naturally unfold before your eyes.

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