Psychic Development for Living Your Highest Purpose

No Experience Necessary – All levels welcome

In this 3 hour workshop you will learn to develop your innate ability to see auras and access information from the future, the past, and the present from the Akashic Records. You will also learn to how to access your higher expanded self on demand and use your intuition/psychic senses in your everyday life. The more you connect with this part of you, the easier it will be to find and live your highest purpose. You’ll also experience your 5d self allowing you to quickly shift into ease and aliveness.

You will leave knowing how to:

  • See auras and energy
  • Access information from the past, present, future
  • Communicate with your higher self
  • Identify when you are living your highest purpose
  • Step into your highest 5d vibration so manifesting is quick and effortless
  • Use your intuition in your daily life

No experience is necessary!

The class is taught by psychic medium, author, and psychic development coach Rachel Archelaus.  She grew up psychic and has over ten years of experience teaching psychic development to people all over the globe.

How Much?

September 3rd, 1-4pm

Newtown, CT at SOUND: A Creative Arts & Mindfulness Center, 31 Hawleyville Road


  • Audio Recordings from the class will be emailed to you. You will get to keep all the meditations and instructions for the class to practice with and keep forever.
  • Free Intuitive Art Online Class so you can learn to have a two way conversation with your Higher Self.

Join us for an incredible class!



  • Do I need to already be intuitive to get results in this class? No, you just need the desire to expand your intuition. I teach people all of the time who feel they aren’t psychic at all.
  • What if I’m already psychic? You can enhance your skills greatly by attending this class. I’ll give you more advanced exercises during the workshop.
  • Will this be recorded? Yes. I record the whole workshop and email it to you a few days later.
  • Can I bring my teenager? Yes. This is a teenager-friendly class. I’ve had several young teens take this workshop and they have loved it.
  • Do you offer refunds. No, I don’t offer refunds unless the class is cancelled.