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What is Your Spirit Guide Message?

I speak to hundreds of different spirit guides a year. It’s one of the most amazing parts of my life! They all look and act differently but their messages are always filled with love and care. I’ve made a video with some messages I’ve translated for people over the last year. They are uplifting, directive, […]

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What to do When you Feel Stuck

I’m minutes away from leaving the computer behind for three days while I frolick with my friends of the forest (I’m going camping). My wonderful boyfriend is joining me tonight, but after tomorrow afternoon I’ll be on my own. This is a yearly tradition and something my body really yearns for. Silence, stillness, and communion with nature […]

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The Money Date: Interview with Kira Palmer

Kira Palmer is an amazing woman with a truly unique gift to share.  She teaches people how to communicate about money.  If that doesn’t sound very sexy, then just wait!  She actually suggests that you treat this conversation just like a date with dressing up, a great location, and plenty of atmosphere.  Her interview contains […]

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Retirement Party for your “buts” PSA

Come to my Livestream event on Friday May 30th at 4pm Eastern. We’ll be retiring those pesky “buts” that are getting in the way of you living your dream life. They’re not the truth and they are holding you back. Does this video sound like you? register for free at www.retireyourbuts.com    


How to Increase Your Results Exponentially

What do you do when nothing is working? You have an end goal in mind like making more money, getting some clients, being happier, feeling fulfilled…but you just can’t seem to make any headway. In this video, I explain why this happens and how to break that barrier of nothing changing. It’s not hard to […]