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Do you want to change the world? Here’s the easy way to do it!

Most people have the inner drive to make this world a better place.  That is a fabulous and inspiring thing, however how many of us can even manage ourselves?  What begins as a romantic calling often turns into a feeling of heaviness and that we’re not really living up to our potential.  That helps no […]

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How to Retire Your Inner Control Freak & The Real Way to Get What You Want

Story time – when I was going through my big awakening as a teenager I would have buckets of info dumped into my head each night.  I was rapidly changing into a new person as well, and everything was very scary and overwhelming.  I thought that my responsibility was to remember everything. I tried to […]

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What to do When you Feel Stuck

I’m minutes away from leaving the computer behind for three days while I frolick with my friends of the forest (I’m going camping). My wonderful boyfriend is joining me tonight, but after tomorrow afternoon I’ll be on my own. This is a yearly tradition and something my body really yearns for. Silence, stillness, and communion with nature […]