The classic love story…you go for your dreams and start living an authentic life. You set up your own business and align it with your soul purpose. Everything is magical!! Your body is buzzing with love and gratitude because you get to do this divine work everyday, and then the unthinkable happens: you start to make money. This is where most of us lose it.

In the video I explain what happens at this point, and why so many of us go into sabotage mode.

Can you relate to this? Let me know below.

How to Stay out of Overwhelm while Starting Your Business

It’s easy to fall into the overwhelm trap when starting a business. There are so many things we “should” do and ususally, there is so much resistance to actually getting clients. This combination often results in stressed out and broke entrepreneurs. Watch the video for tips on how to reverse that.

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3 Easy Steps to Making Massive Changes

If making a change in your life was easy, what would you do? Would you drop a “bad” habit or two and add some healthier  ones? Would you pursue a different line of work? Would you start looking for a boyfriend? How often do you sabotage yourself with the notion that change is hard. Often, we stop ourselves from even considering new things just because we feel that way.

So how can you overcome that? How can you open up the mind and begin to look at life and change as easy? In the following video, you will learn the 3 easy steps that result in massive change.  I’ll help you figure out what changes you’d like to make and how to accomplish that almost effortlessly. This is a process I use with myself and my private clients to achieve massive results in a short amount of time and I know it will work for you, too.

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YOU are already enough

It’s an easy enough concept to understand, yet so few of us really embody the knowing. We don’t need to learn how to be healers and helpers, we already did that…for millions of years! So if you feel like you want to help and heal but are being shy, insecure, or waiting for someone to call you forward, watch this video with an open heart. You are ready, you are enough – and Baby Kitten things so too ;)

Check out the bootcamp if you want my help in making your purpose your day job:

Intuitive Drawing Reading of an Evolution

It’s not always easy to see our own evolution. Intuitive Drawing puts the journey outside our heads and on to paper making it much easier to see! In this video, you can watch my journey and see what I had to do in order to grow a business around my purpose. 
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Transitioning from Your Day Job to Your Purpose Work

How often do we take ourselves out of the game before we even start? I find that a lot of people do this when considering whether or not they can make a business out of their passion. A common limiting belief is that you need to ditch your day job completely in order to start a business. This creates terror and is really a form of resistance. Watch the video to see how to transition out of your day job instead of just diving in to the new adventure from the start. You CAN make it happen :)

Have you transitioned already? Share your tips with us! And if you’ve been wanting to start your business, tell us what has been stopping you. I’d love to hear from you <3

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