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Going Evergreen: My Spirit Guide’s advice on how to Make Money Easily and in Alignment with your Higher Purpose

Yes, you read the title right!  I was as surprised as you are by that, but listen to the explanation in the video and it will make perfect sense. We are here to do our Purpose Work, not worry about money! This video will explain why it’s totally logical AND spiritual to make money through […]

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Going Evergreen: How to Create Autopilot Income from your Courses & Products

This quick video class will introduce you to the concept of evergreen systems and show you how to set this up for yourself. When I discovered the joy of having people sign up for my courses while I was away from the office, I knew it was a total game changer. This year, I’ve been working […]


Interview with Jamie Saloff – We talk Self-Publishing, Lily Dale, and Swan People

 Jamie Saloff is a prolific woman.  She’s written six books, is a healer, a psychic medium, a publisher, and a helper to Swan People.  She explains more about that last bit in the interview. She sees the world in a different way than most, and that’s what I was most excited to learn more about. Her site, […]


A Conversation on Food Sensitivity for Intuitive People including Candida, Gluten, and Meat

In the latest Soulfullpreneur Radio podcast, Megan Crandlemire and I talk about food and food sensitivity.  I had the experience of growing up undiagnosed with Celiac Disease.  This caused major issues with my health and even determined the clothes I wore.  Having those symptoms go unnoticed really shaped my life.  And it wasn’t until I […]