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A Conversation on Food Sensitivity for Intuitive People including Candida, Gluten, and Meat

In the latest Soulfullpreneur Radio podcast, Megan Crandlemire and I talk about food and food sensitivity.  I had the experience of growing up undiagnosed with Celiac Disease.  This caused major issues with my health and even determined the clothes I wore.  Having those symptoms go unnoticed really shaped my life.  And it wasn’t until I […]

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Let’s Bust through our Shells

To catch you up if you haven’t been following, I recently did a Soulfullpreneur Radio podcast about vibrational goals and how they create your life.  By choosing to start your year by identifying your ideal vibration, you can cut out much of the resistance that goes with change.  It’s magic (almost, it’s lots of neuroscience […]

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Everything in Your Life is There for a Reason, Even if You Hate it

I kept hearing from spiritual teachers, mysterious entities like Bashar, and other sources that everything in my world was serving me or it wouldn’t be there.  So the annoying roosters next door or the student loan debt was helping me?  Even when it began to make sense intellectually, I didn’t start feeling it until recently. […]